SUPER SEASON PASS is a season pass for the summer season of the water park ’24 and for the winter season of the ski center + water park ’24-25!

Price for 12 years or older is 290 € (reg. price 580 , save 50 %). Chilren 6-11 yeas old 245 €. Available at a special price until 30.4.2024 in the water park’s online store and on-site at the water park’s and ski center’s ticket sales during opening hours. The price includes a year-round parking permit (1 per card) and the ski center’s smart card. The super season pass is personal. Note! Check the opening hours, rules and instructions of the water park and ski center on our website before buying.

AGE LIMITS: In the ski center, the age limit for season passes and tickets for adults is 12 years. 0-3 year olds get free access to the water park and 0-5 year olds get free access to the ski resort with a paying adult. If necessary, contact Serena by email, and we will give you instructions on which season pass you need.

  • Example 1: The child is 11 years old. If he turns 12 before the start of the winter season (1.11.24), he needs an adult season ticket. If, on the other hand, the child turns 12 in the middle of the winter season (e.g. in January 2025), the right product when buying now is a children’s (6-11 year old) season ticket. The child’s age at the start of the winter season determines which super season card he needs.
  • Example 2: The child is 4 years old. The child needs a ticket/season pass for the water park, but not for the ski resort. Instead of a super season pass, it is cheaper to buy the water park’s summer and winter season passes.

How do I get a super season pass?

You can buy it in the water park’s online store (19.3.-30.4.24) or on-site at the ticket office of the ski center or water park during operating times. Payment methods in the online store are online bank or credit card payment. All payment methods mentioned in the price list are accepted on site.

After the online store purchase, you will receive an online ticket by email, which will be scanned at the water park ticket office during your 1st visit during the summer season. Submit your photo and fill out the season ticket form. You will receive the actual season pass during your next visit during the summer season (please note that there may be a backlog in making season passes, especially in the early season). TIP: You can speed up getting a season pass by filling out the form below in advance and attaching your photo (e.g. a photo taken with a mobile phone).

When buying at the site, fill out the season pass form at the cash desk, then please submit your passport-sized photo as soon as possible, either on the spot or send it by e-mail (indicate the names of the season pass holders in the e-mail).

Note! You will first receive a season pass for the summer season. The ski resort’s season pass for the winter season must be picked up from the ski rental office when it opens, because it is a smart card that works with ski lift gates.

To speed up the process, please fill out the form below after the online store purchase (1 form per season pass holder)

    Liitä kausikorttilaisen kasvokuva (max 4 mb). Sallitut tiedostotyypit: / Please attach a face photo of the season pass holder (max 4 mb). Allowed file formats:
    png | jpg | jpeg | WebP.

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