Group discounts & events

The indoor water park, which is open all year round, and the outdoor water park, which opens during the summer season, offer hours of activities. Serena Ski, on the other hand, offers the best winter season deals. At Serena, you can organize a memorable event for a small group of a few people all the way to a large event with thousands of visitors.

Group prices for the water park and ski resort

Group sizeDiscount on water park tickets Discount on ski lift ticketsDiscount on ski equipment rental Free tickets for group leader / driver / supervisor
16-304 €10 %10 %Max 1 free ticket
31-504 €10 %10 %Max 2 free ticket
51-1004 €10 %10 %Max 3 free ticket
101-1505 €15 %15 %Max 4 free ticket
151-5 €15 %15 %Max 5 free ticket
Discount only on regular-priced one-person day tickets to the water park or regular-priced hourly, day, or evening tickets to the ski resort. Cannot be combined with other campaigns. The prerequisite for group pricing is that the group leader makes the payment together. Invoicing only for companies, public entities and associations. Pre-booking is a prerequisite for invoicing. The group price for the ski center includes a single-use key card.
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School groups at the ski resort

Day ticket16,00 €The ticket price includes a single-use key card
Ski equipment rental16,00 €Teachers free of charge (ticket + equipment)
Sled3,00 €Ski school lessons are also available!
School group pricing is only valid for school groups of 20 people or more with prior reservation. You can find more detailed information and conditions for school group pricing in the school group brochure (Koululaisryhmäesite PDF, in Finnish). Contact us and tell us what kind of skiing day you are planning, and let’s make it happen together! Read more: Koululaisryhmäesite (PDF)

Everything your event needs from Serena!

Serena offers companies and groups both meeting packages as well as adventure and side programs, restaurant services and not forgetting theme nights. If you need it, you can get accommodation in villas from us, where you can also organize small meetings. With Serena, you can easily get everything under one roof! From groups of ten people to events of more than 2,000 people, can be organized in Serena. Ask more from our sales service: Offer request


From Serena’s selections, you can find activities for every occasion. All activities are performed under the supervision of trained instructors with appropriate equipment. Read more.

Catering services

The premises of Restaurant Granina, from the exotic Luolamies cave to the atmospheric hut on the shore of the Serena pond, offer wonderful opportunities for meals and evenings out! You can choose from ready-made menus or submit your own wishes. Read more.

Events and themed evening

Serena is made for big events and theme nights. The recreation day can be arranged in no time, and through various themes, your event will surely be memorable. For example, a DJ with equipment, live music, a stand-up comedian or, for example, roast comedy can be arranged. Ask more or tell us your wishes.

Meeting events

You can find ready-made proposals in Serena’s meeting packages. Our large cave meeting room can accommodate up to 100 people, but for smaller meetings of up to 10 people, the Serena villas also offer enough space. The closeness and peace of nature feed inspiration and ideas, and the environment without external distractions guarantees work efficiency. All-day meeting package from €45/person, including meeting room, equipment and meals (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee).

Premises available for private events

  • Luolamies cave restaurant max 100 people, as a cocktail event
  • Upstairs of Restaurant Granina max 70 people
  • Serena hut max 40 people, if necessary, more space outside the hut can be arranged for larger groups in connection with catering orders
  • Sauna section for 100 people outside the opening hours of the water park
  • The entire indoor water park can also be reserved for private use. Recommended group size 200 persons or more. Not available in June-September and during regular operating hours.
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