Water park

The ski resort’s frequently asked questions are below. Go to SKI FAQ.

Ticket sales and wristbands

  1. When are we open? Please see the opening hours in the opening calendar.
  2. Where is the ticket office located? In June-August, ticket sales are at the main gate. At other times, come from the main gate, turn right and go to the indoor water park. See the area map.
  3. How is the ticket office open? The ticket office opens at the same time as the park opens. The ticket office closes approx. 1 hour before the park closes, after which you can buy a wristband in the store.
  4. How do I avoid queues? In the summer season, the most customers at the ticket office are usually right after opening, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., but the ticket counters are opened according to the customer situation.
  5. What are wristbands needed for? The wristband is an admission ticket to the water park. The wristband must be worn on the wrist throughout the visit.
  6. Is the outdoor and indoor water park available with the same ticket? When the outdoor water park is open, the entire water park is included without limitation in the same wristband price.
  7. When is the outdoor water park open? The outdoor water park is open on the opening days of June-August.
  8. At what age can children come unaccompanied? Children over the age of 10 who can swim can come together to Serena. Children under 10 only with an adult guardian.
  9. I’m not going swimming, do I need a wristband? All visitors to the water park must wear a wristband. In the summer season, you cannot pass through the main gate without a wristband. In the winter season, you can enter the restaurant without a wristband, but not beyond ticket sales.
  10. What time can you buy an evening ticket? You can buy an evening ticket from 4 p.m.
  11. What payment methods do we accept? The means of payment are mentioned in the price list. Payment methods other than those mentioned in the price list do not work in Serena.
  12. Can I buy a ticket in advance? You can buy the ticket in advance from the online store or from our partner hotels.
  13. And where can I get gift cards? You can normally buy a ticket for another person in the online store, but if you want to give a “physical” gift card as a gift, you can get it from the ticket office.
  14. Can the wristband be used to pay for purchases? The wristband cannot be used to pay for other purchases and it cannot be loaded with a balance.
  15. Does a personal assistant need a wristband? See instructions below under ‘Accessibility’.
  16. Can I leave the area and come back in the same day? The wristband is valid for a day, during which you can leave and return to the area freely through ticket sales.
  17. How are the FunTour ticket and Happy Pass ticket valid? The FunTour ticket is on sale during the summer season and can be used in Serena and Puuhamaa once each on the desired days during the summer season. The FunTour ticket purchased at Serena must first be used at Serena. The Happy Pass (next day wristband) is available all year round and is valid in Serena the day after the day of purchase. The validity period of the Happy Pass ticket cannot be extended.
  18. I have an online ticket/coupon/gift card whose validity period has expired. What do I do? The validity period of online tickets and discount coupons is indicated on the ticket/coupon. They are not valid after the expiration date, and the validity period cannot be extended.
    • The entrance gift card is valid until the validity date. Expired gift cards are not accepted or processed at the cash desk of the water park or ski center.
    • If you haven’t been able to use the gift card by the last date of validity, please contact Serena by email no later than 10 days after the end date of the gift card, when we will process the request for an extension of the validity period. We do not process requests to extend the validity of gift cards that have expired more than 10 days ago. The possible additional time granted is generally approx. 2 weeks. The practice only applies to “physical” gift cards.

Storage, changing rooms and saunas

  1. What kind of dressing rooms are there in Serena? There are two changing rooms, one for women and one for men. There are no separate group changing rooms.
  2. At what age should children go to the side of their own gender? Children under 10 can go to the side of the opposite sex, accompanied by an adult. Children over the age of 10 should use the changing room according to their gender. Our staff will guide you if necessary. However, children who need special help can be taken into account.
  3. How do lockers work? The lockers work with a €2 coin deposit. So take a coin with you or you can also exchange money for cash or a card at Serena’s ticket office or shop. You can get the €2 coin back from the locker. One cabinet is enough for 1-3 people, depending on the amount of goods.
  4. Is there separate storage for valuables? Wallets, jewelry, cell phones and other valuables can be left in the shop safe if you wish. You can get the key from the store, daily rent €2.
  5. Where can you leave large items that don’t fit in the lockers? You can leave them in the shop for storage, for example. Storage at your own risk.
  6. Can strollers be taken into the changing rooms or pools? There is room for strollers in both the outdoor and indoor water parks, but please do not keep them in the changing rooms, where they can be in the way of other customers. Strollers can also be left in the rack next to the store.
  7. Where is the lost & found? The found goods point is in the store. Please inquire about lost goods primarily via the lost property form or by emailing [email protected] and describe the lost item as precisely as possible (e.g. color, size, brand, other identifying marks). More detailed instructions for inquiries about found goods and pick-up instructions in the Found goods section.
  8. Where is the information point? Serena’s shop serves as an information point.
  9. Do you rent towels or swimsuits? There are no towels or swimsuits for rent at Serena. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the selection of our store, which sells towels and various swimwear for women, men and children.
  10. What saunas are there in Serena? The women’s and men’s side each have 2 saunas. There is also a common steam room with a wall separating the women’s and men’s side. The saunas are located in the sauna cave in the indoor water park. There are no saunas in the changing rooms.
  11. Do you need a cloth to take with you to the sauna facilities? Disposable cloths are available in the sauna facilities.

Pools and waterslides

  1. What pools and slides are there in Serena? Get to know the activities of the water park.
  2. What are the restrictions on the slides and pools? The person using the slides & pools must always have sufficient swimming skills considering the difficulty level of the attraction. More detailed instructions can be found on the sign of each slide. In Half-Pipe, the maximum weight for 1-2 people is 140 kg in total. In Crazy Race, the minimum height is 120 cm and the maximum weight for 1 person is 120 kg. There are no other weight, height or age restrictions in Serena’s pools and slides. For small children, always take into account the depth of the pools. In slides, where tubes are used, the person must have the ability to stay on the tube independently. If a small child cannot independently stay on the tube, the child is too small for the activity in question. However, Serena also has plenty of slides and pools suitable for small children!
  3. How are the pools and slides open? The slides and the water park’s outdoor pools close 30 minutes before the park closes. The indoor pools close 15 minutes before the park closes. All maintenance work is usually done outside of opening hours, but Serena reserves the right to maintain slides and pools also during opening hours without prior notice if necessary. If one of our main activities is out of service for a longer period of time, it is announced in the section slides & activities.
  4. What kind of swimwear is allowed? Serena must have a swimsuit intended for swimming. Swimming shorts can be worn, and also, for example, for health reasons, a more covering outfit made of swimsuit fabric can be worn. It is forbidden to wear other than swimming suits in the pools. Swimwear must not have zippers, rivets or anything that could scratch the water slides. Serena is not responsible for broken swimwear.
  5. Does my child need a swim diaper? All children of diaper age must wear a diaper in the pools. Swim diapers can be purchased at Serena’s store.
  6. Where can I find the water park rules? The rules are on our website and on the signs in the park.
  7. What is the temperature of the pools? The water in the indoor water park Children’s pool and the jacuzzis is +32 °C. The temperature of the other pools is +28°C. The outdoor pools are also heated, although there are slight variations due to weather conditions. The water in the water slides of the outdoor park is slightly cooler.
  8. Are the outdoor pools open during rain and storms? The outdoor pools and slides are open during the summer season whenever the park is open, rain or shine. When a thunderstorm approaches, the outdoor pools may have to be temporarily closed, but most of the time they can be opened quickly within the same day. Due to exceptionally strong winds, individual slides in the outdoor water park may have to be held closed, but this is very, very rare.
  9. Can swimming toys be taken to swimming pools or slides? Swimming toys can be taken into the pools, but not into the slides or into the sauna facilities. Very large toys or mattresses are not allowed.
  10. Where is the first aid station? The first aid point is at the main pool of the indoor water park.

Physical Disabilities

  1. Assistants
    • The assistant of a paying client with a disability who needs individual support gets free entry to the park area and can go to the pools and activities with the assisted person free of charge. A disabled person must prove their need for an assistant with the EU Disability Card (with an A marking indicating the need for assistance).
      • Please take into account that in our ticket sales we do not make assessments of the customer’s state of health or the need for an assistant, but the need for an assistant must be proved as mentioned above. The customer must therefore have a disability card with them.
      • The EU Disability Card without an A marking does not entitle the assistant to free entry.
      • Also, a copy/photo of the disability card, an application letter, a medical diagnosis or any other similar statement does not entitle the assistant to free entry.
    • The prerequisite for an assistant permit is that the person being assisted has paid for the entrance ticket (wristband) or that they have another ticket product (e.g. season pass). As a general rule, an assistant permit can only be granted to one assistant of the assisted person.
    • As a general rule, the assistant must be of legal age. A minor can also act as an assistant on a case-by-case basis. The assistant must actually be able to act as an assistant.
    • A visually impaired person’s assistance dog can be brought to the water park. Otherwise, bringing animals to the water park is not allowed.
  2. The Serena area has barrier-free entry and passage from one space to another. Please note, however, that the access to the pools and slides is via the stairs, so there is no wheelchair access.
  3. Our premises have an accessible toilet. Disabled toilets can be found next to the restaurant Granina and next to the saunas.
  4. How do the dressing rooms work? A shower chair is available in the changing rooms. A shower chair with wheels is also available upon request.
  5. Our premises have clear signs. Our staff will give instructions if necessary.
  6. Disabled parking is available near the main entrance. Disabled parking is free. The parking spaces are located on the road side of the entrance building.


  1. What meal options are available at Serena? Check out general info about our restaurants .
  2. Can you get vegan/vegetarian food at the restaurant? What about other special diets? Our restaurant offers options suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can inquire about special diets in advance by emailing [email protected].
  3. Can I eat my own snacks? You can eat your own snacks in the outdoor water park or in the picnic area of the indoor water park. Eating your own snacks in the changing rooms or other customer areas is prohibited. Bringing glass bottles into the water park area is prohibited. Customer seats in restaurants are reserved for restaurant customers.
  4. What outfit can you wear to restaurants? No dress code, so you can come to all restaurant and cafes also in a swimsuit. During the winter season, the water park’s restaurant Granina also serves customers of the ski center.
  5. Are there alcoholic beverages available? Alcoholic drinks are sold at the sales points of the outdoor and indoor water park.


  1. How do you rent the cottages? The easiest and cheapest way is to book directly from the online booking system. You can also inquire about cottages by phone or email. Check out more info about the cottages for rent. The cottage must be reserved no later than the day before the start of the reservation (online booking) or in a reservation made by e-mail no later than 14 days before the start of the reservation.
  2. I booked a cottage, how do I get to the water park? Water park or ski lift tickets are included in the cottage rent on the days the water park is open. You can come to the water park right when the water park opens, you can get wristbands at the ticket office. The cabin rent includes water park tickets for the entire group staying in the cottage – for all days of stay. Or instead of the water park tickets, you can also go to the ski resort.
  3. How can we move in and out of Serena’s premises? Those who have made a cottage reservation will receive a code via email. The code works for the cottage door and Serena’s vehicle gate for the duration of the reservation. The code will not work until the booking starts.
  4. Where can I park the car? You can take the car to the cottage for the duration of the reservation. Before the reservation, the car must be parked in the public parking lot and after the reservation, it must be taken back outside the gates.

Other questions

  1. Are the beach chairs for a fee? Beach chairs are free, please consider other customers.
  2. How does parking work? Serena has free parking between October and May. In June-September, parking is charged €1/hour or €5/12 hours. Payment with coins, card or Easypark. Disabled parking is free all year round.
  3. In which area can you smoke? There are smoking points in the outdoor area, which you can tell by the colorful ashtrays. Smoking is also allowed in some of the customer seats at the sales points of the outdoor water park. We hope to be considerate towards other customers, smoking only and only in designated smoking areas. The instructions also apply to e-cigarettes.
  4. Is taking photos/videos allowed? You can photograph the members of your party. Attention other customers.
  5. Can you bring animals into the park? Pets are not allowed in the park, with the exception of a visually impaired assistance dog. If agreed in advance, pets can be brought to Serena’s cottages by paying the pet fee according to the price list.

Ski resort

Ski lift tickets

  • How do I buy a ski lift ticket? Tickets can be purchased at the Serena Ski rental office or online store, where you can also load the ticket directly to your existing smart card.
  • Are there group discounts for ski lift tickets? Group discounts apply to groups of 16 or more. Ask a quotation beforehand.
  • How does a smart card work? For the ski lift ticket, you need a reusable smart card (disposable smart cards are also on sale). You can buy a card from Serena or use your existing card. The list of accepted cards and payment methods is in the price list. The desired ticket type is loaded onto the smart card. Place the card in the left sleeve pocket so that it is easily read by the ski lift gate. Note! Other cards in the same pocket can interfere with the operation of the ski lif gate reader. When you come to the gate, the gate device reads your ticket automatically. After the time is up, you should keep the card, because you can load it with a new ticket not only in Serena, but also in most other ski resorts in Finland.
  • Can a balance be loaded onto a smart card? Only ski lift tickets or a season pass can be loaded onto the smart card. A monetary balance cannot be loaded onto the smart card.
  • I also use the smart card in other centers, can I load Serena’s ticket on it? You can only load one Serena ticket on one smart card at a time, but tickets from other centers can also be valid on it at the same time. So Serena’s ticket does not erase the tickets/season passes of other centers that may be on your card.
  • I’m just going to quickly try it out, do I still need to buy a smart card? A smart card is always required when loading a ski lift ticket. Smart cards are not loaned to customers. However, if you wish, you can buy a single-use smart card, which is cheaper than reusable.
  • Does a child under 6 also need a ticket and a smart card? Helmeted children aged 0-5 get free access to all slopes with a ticketed guardian. One free child per paying adult. The child does not need his own ticket, because the child and the guardian enter the gate in the same turn.
  • From when is the use time of the lift ticket calculated? The available time starts when you first enter the lift gate. So you can easily put your equipment in order, go for a coffee, etc., because you won’t lose the skiing time at this stage yet.
  • Which lifts does the children’s lift ticket go to? Can an adult buy it? The ticket for the children’s lift is valid for the carpet lift, platter lift and rope lift. The children’s lift ticket is valid all day. Of course, beginner adults can also use the children’s lifts, there is no age limit for the children’s lifts! Opened children’s lifts are announced on our website.
  • Which lifts do the other tickets go to? All other lift tickets entitle you to use all open lifts, including children’s lifts. Open lifts are announced on our website.
  • I bought a 1 hour ticket, but now I want to ski longer. What do I do? You can purchase additional time from the rental office, in which case you will receive a separately stated refund for the time you have already paid for when purchasing a new ticket.
  • Is there a multi-day ticket? The ticket for two (2) consecutive days is on sale, see price list.
  • I bought a ski lift ticket but didn’t use it during the season. Is the lift ticket valid next season? All ski lift tickets expire automatically at the end of the skiing season. Unused lift tickets are not refunded or redeemed.

Ski season passes

  • How do I get a season pass? You can get a season pass in the online store or on site at the ski center’s rental office during opening hours. Before the start of the skiing season, you can also buy it at the water park’s ticket office during the water park’s opening hours. All payment methods mentioned in the price list are accepted as payment methods for the season pass.
  • Does the season pass price include a smart card? The price of the season pass does not include the smart card. You need a reloadable smart card. See the price list.
  • I have bought a season pass, how do I get it? If you have loaded the season pass directly to your existing Axess smart card in the online store, you can go directly to the ski lift gate when the season starts. If you have bought a season pass from the office, or bought it in the online store without loading it on the smart card, visit the rental office on the 1st day of your visit to load it on the smart card.
  • What additional benefits are included in the season pass? The season pass includes several additional benefits, including the right to use the water park! Read more about the benefits in the season pass section.
  • Are there discounts for season passes? Discounts, such as advance prices and season passes for the end of the season, are announced on Serena’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and on the website. You should also subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Can the season pass be borrowed/sold on? The season pass is always personal, with the exception of the company season pass. Giving the season pass to another person, even for a short time, is strictly prohibited and leads to the cancellation of the season pass. A holiday trip, moving to another location, etc. are never grounds for lending a season pass to another person. The use of the company season pass is allowed for the staff of the company that bought the season pass, or otherwise as agreed in writing in advance. The resale of season passes (including company season passes) automatically leads to the cancellation of the season pass. For the reasons mentioned above, the season pass can only be purchased through Serena (or Serena’s ePassi Marketplace), never through any 3rd party.
  • I got injured and can’t use my season pass. What do I do? If you have been injured for a longer period of time, please contact Serena. Even in this case, the season pass cannot be transferred to another person.

Equipment rental

  • What equipment can you get from the rental office? Ski and snowboard sets can be rented from the rental shop. More detailed content and pricing of the packages is indicated in the equipment rental section.
  • Is there pro-level rental equipment available? All of our rental equipment is of high quality, but we also offer pro-level downhill skis, TwinTip skis, and pro snowboards. See the price list.
  • Can I rent clothes? There are no clothes for rent at Serena. However, the Ski Shop sells e.g. gloves, hats, helmets and other equipment related to skiing.
  • Is cross country equipment available? A cross-country ski trail maintained by the city of Espoo starts next to Serena’s parking lot. However, cross-country skiing equipment is not available from our rental shop.
  • How do I rent equipment? Go to the cashier (1.), where you will get an equipment rental form. Pay the rental and ski lift tickets at the cash desk. After payment, you will receive the equipment at the equipment rental desk (2.). At the end of the rental period, return them to the return counter (3.).
  • Can rental equipment be paid for with sports benefits? Rental equipment can be paid for with the sport benefits mentioned in the price list.
  • Can rental equipment be taken outside of Serena? Serena does not rent equipment outside of the center’s opening hours or for any use outside Serena Ski center.
  • Can the equipment be rented for a longer period of time, and is there seasonal rental? Equipment is not rented for more than a day (the exception is Serena’s cottage customers). Seasonal rental is also not available.
  • Does the equipment rental office have used equipment for sale? There are used skiing equipment on sale periodically. You can inquire about the equipment by e-mail.

Ski school

  • How does the ski school work and how do I book a course? Read more in the ski school section.
  • I have questions about the ski school, where can I get more information? Serena Ski School operates in the premises of the ski center Serena, but it is a different company. Our own staff is happy to help, but cannot answer more specific questions about the ski school or course booking issues. If you have any additional questions, please contact the ski school directly, see ski school contact information.
  • We have a company event or a school group coming to the ski school, who do I contact? In larger groups of schoolchildren and business events, which also include other Serena services, you can also deal with ski school matters directly through Serena. See tender request form.

Ice Café

  • How is the Ice Café open? The Ice Café will open for customers shortly after the opening of the ski center. The kitchen closes 30 minutes on weekdays and 1 hour before the ski center closes on weekends and holidays, unless otherwise stated. Granina, the restaurant next to the water park, also serves customers of the ski center on the days the water park is open. Depending on the season, instead of the Ice Café, only the water park’s restaurant may be open, this is announced on the Ice Café’s doors.
  • What payment methods are used when buying portions? Read more in the restaurants section under ‘payment methods’.
  • Can I buy a ski lift ticket at the Ice Café? And can the equipment rental be paid for there? You can also buy a lift ticket (hourly, evening, day) and smart card from Ice Café using all the payment methods mentioned in the ticket price list. However, season passes are not available at the Ice Café and equipment rental cannot be paid there.
  • Are there alcoholic beverages available? Alcoholic drinks are sold in the Ice Café. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages into the ski center area is prohibited.
  • Can I eat my own snacks at the Ice Café? Eating your own snacks in the cafeteria is not allowed. The cafe premises are reserved for paying customers. You can eat your own snacks at the outdoor tables, in the outdoor hut, and also at the equipment rental office outside of peak hours, and taking other customers into account.
  • Is the water free? You can fill your own water bottle or mug at the cafe’s separate water point free of charge. For environmental reasons, we do not give free disposable cups. However, with the purchase of a meal, a cup of water is free.
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