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Ticket sales and wristbands

  • When are we open? Please see the opening hours in the opening calendar.
  • Where is the ticket office located? In June-August, ticket sales are at the main gate. At other times, come from the main gate, turn right and go to the indoor water park. See the area map.
  • How is the ticket office open? The ticket office opens at the same time as the park opens. The ticket office closes approx. 1 hour before the park closes, after which you can buy a wristband in the store.
  • How do I avoid queues? In the summer season, the most customers at the ticket office are usually right after opening, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., but the ticket counters are opened according to the customer situation.
  • What are wristbands needed for? The wristband is an admission ticket to the water park. The wristband must be worn on the wrist throughout the visit.
  • Is the outdoor and indoor water park available with the same ticket? When the outdoor water park is open, the entire water park is included without limitation in the same wristband price.
  • When is the outdoor water park open? The outdoor water park is open on the opening days of June-August.
  • At what age can children come unaccompanied? Children over the age of 10 who can swim can come together to Serena. Children under 10 only with an adult guardian.
  • I’m not going swimming, do I need a wristband? All visitors to the water park must wear a wristband. In the summer season, you cannot pass through the main gate without a wristband. In the winter season, you can enter the restaurant without a wristband, but not beyond ticket sales.
  • What time can you buy an evening ticket? You can buy an evening ticket from 4 p.m.
  • What payment methods do we accept? The means of payment are mentioned in the price list. Payment methods other than those mentioned in the price list do not work in Serena.
  • Can I buy a ticket in advance? You can buy the ticket in advance from the online store or from our partner hotels.
  • And where can I get gift cards? You can normally buy a ticket for another person in the online store, but if you want to give a “physical” gift card as a gift, you can get it from the ticket office.
  • Can the wristband be used to pay for purchases? The wristband cannot be used to pay for other purchases and it cannot be loaded with a balance.
  • Does a personal assistant need a wristband? See instructions below under ‘Accessibility’.
  • Can I leave the area and come back in the same day? The wristband is valid for a day, during which you can leave and return to the area freely through ticket sales.
  • How are the FunTour ticket and Happy Pass ticket valid? The FunTour ticket is on sale during the summer season and can be used in Serena and Puuhamaa once each on the desired days during the summer season. The FunTour ticket purchased at Serena must first be used at Serena. The Happy Pass (next day wristband) is available all year round and is valid in Serena the day after the day of purchase. The validity period of the Happy Pass ticket cannot be extended.
  • I have an online ticket/coupon/gift card whose validity period has expired. What do I do? The validity period of online tickets and discount coupons is indicated on the ticket/coupon. They are not valid after the expiration date, and the validity period cannot be extended.
    • The entrance gift card is valid until the validity date. Expired gift cards are not accepted or processed at the cash desk of the water park or ski center.
    • If you haven’t been able to use the gift card by the last date of validity, please contact Serena by email no later than 10 days after the end date of the gift card, when we will process the request for an extension of the validity period. We do not process requests to extend the validity of gift cards that have expired more than 10 days ago. The possible additional time granted is generally approx. 2 weeks. The practice only applies to “physical” gift cards.
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