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Three super-affordable options to have as much fun as you can! Season passes that are on sale vary according to the season (winter season: October-May, summer season: June-August). More detailed dates can be found on the opening hours page.

  • 4parks summer season pass at a great price of 129 €! With the 4parks summer season pass, you can access all of Puuharyhmä’s parks (Serena, Puuhamaa, Tropiclandia, Visulahti) without restriction throughout the summer season.
  • Water park Serena summer season pass only 109 €! Unrestricted access to the Serena water park throughout the summer season. 
  • Water park Serena winter season pass only 99 €! The season pass entitles its holder to an unlimited number of entrances to the Serena water park from October to May, for up to 8 months!
  • Ski resort season pass also includes access to the water park during the skiing season. Read more on the ski center’s website.


In the winter season, parking is free of charge. In the summer season, there is a parking fee. If desired, a water park season pass holder can also purchase a parking permit in connection with the season pass for the summer season (June-August). The parking permit is personal. Price: € 19.50. A parking permit is available from the water park ticket sales.

Purchasing the season pass

  • The season pass is the same price for adults as for children. A season pass can also be obtained for a child under 10 years old, but a child under 10 years old always needs a guardian at the water park in Serena. 0-3 year olds can access the water park Serena free of charge (check the conditions of other parks on the parks’ own pages).
  • You can get a season pass from the water park ticket sales or directly from the online store.
    • You can pay for the season pass in the online store with the most common payment cards or in online banking.
    • You can pay on site with all the payment methods mentioned in the price list.
  • The season pass is personal. A passport photo or other max. 47 mm high image is needed (a selfie taken with your mobile phone qualifies). Bring a picture with you or send it using the form below.
  • After the online store purchase, you will receive a link via e-mail, through which you can download a ticket that entitles you to the actual season pass.
    • You can print the ticket on paper or display it at the ticket office on your mobile device on your first visit.
    • TIP: You can speed up the process by filling up the form in advance!
    • Generally speaking, you get the actual season pass at the water park on your second visit. Please take into account that, especially at the beginning of the season, there may be a backlog when making season passes.

Other terms

Note! Check the opening hours on the parks’ own pages before purchasing. We reserve the right to change the opening hours of the parks. If the number of opening days decreases by more than 10% of the opening days stated at the time of purchase, this will be credited to the customer in the manner specified separately. A change of 10% or less does not qualify for a refund.

If you later want to upgrade your Serena summer season pass to a 4 parks season pass, it can be done for an additional fee of 30 €. In this case, please bring your current Serena season pass to the ticket office for a change. Please note that depending on the situation, the new 4 parks season pass may not be available to pick up on the same day.

We charge 20 € for renewing a lost season pass.

Season pass form

    Liitä kausikorttilaisen kasvokuva (max 4 mb). Sallitut tiedostotyypit: / Please attach a face photo of the season pass holder (max 4 mb). Allowed file formats:
    png | jpg | jpeg | WebP.

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