Birthday parties

Have a memorable birthday at Serena! The birthdays are organized in the wonderful Birthday Tower, which is located on the parade ground of the indoor water park, next to the Wave pool.

  • The reservation for the Birthday Tower is 1 hour, but you can come to Serena right from the opening and stay until the park closes.
  • There are three different packages to choose from, starting at €38.50 per participant.
  • The birthday hero gets admission and the selected catering package free of charge! The benefit applies to one hero per reservation.
  • A reservation fee of €25 for the birthday space is added to the price.
  • The minimum number of birthday catering packages to be ordered is 6 (including the birthday hero, guests and adults). The birthday tower can accommodate max. 16 partygoers at a time. For birthdays of more than 16 participants, please contact Serena beforehand.
  • At least 1 adult is required. Adult birthday guests also need a wristband. When making a reservation, please indicate whether adults will participate in the meals. When booking a birthday, an adult’s water park wristband without catering costs €28.
  • A valid Serena gift card, online ticket, or season pass is also valid for birthday admission. In this case, please let us know in advance. However, the free birthday pass for the hero requires the purchase of at least 5 birthday passes.
  • Please note that booking the Birthday Tower without catering ordered through Serena is not possible. You cannot bring your own snacks to the Birthday Tower, with the exception of birthday cake or e.g. special diets.

How do I book a birthday party?

The easiest way to book is via the online booking system. You can also book a birthday party by email, phone or on site. Please indicate any allergies and other wishes when booking. Please remember to check the opening hours before booking.

Note! If the number of birthday visitors changes, please notify Serena well in advance, no later than 2 hours before the reserved time.

How is the payment handled?

The reservation fee for the birthday party is €25 and the portion of one catering package (€10.50-16.50) is paid when booking. The rest of the birthday party price is paid at Serena on the spot before the birthday party starts, according to the actual number of visitors. During the summer season, payment is made at the ticket gate, at other times at the indoor water park restaurant. At the same time, guests also receive water park wristbands. If the birthday party is cancelled, the reservation fee and the portion of one catering package will not be refunded, excluding the birthday hero’s illness, etc.

Have a nice birthday!

Birthday packages

Treat packageHamburger packageSausages
Water park ticketsWater park ticketsWater park tickets
1h use of the Birthday Tower1h use of the Birthday Tower1h use of the Birthday Tower
Children’s hamburger meal
(incl. hamburger + french fries)
Snacks and french fries
Soft drinksSoft drinksSoft drinks
Popcorn and candyA selection of ice cream scoopsA selection of ice cream scoops
€38.50 / participant
(incl. catering package €10.50 + birthday entrance €28)
€44.50 / participant
(incl. catering package €16.50 + birthday entrance €28)
€44.50 / participant
(incl. catering package €16.50 + birthday entrance €28)
If you want, you can replace the popcorn and candies with dip vegetables (cucumber, carrot, dip).
Coffee/tea free of charge for the supervisor.
Additional servicesCucumber, carrot, dip4 € / person
Popcorn and candy4 € / person
Surprise gifts for everyone4 € / person
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