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Restaurant Granina

Granina Cave Restaurant offers delicious food and refreshments. There is a choice! You can come to Granina to enjoy a meal even in a swimsuit (a towel might be good to take with you). During the opening days of the water park, it also serves customers of the ski center. Please note that restaurant Granina’s kitchen is open at 12-18 and the restaurant closes 30 minutes before the closing time of the water park. Examples of what restaurant Granina offers (G = gluten-free, L = lactose free, M = no milk):

  • Large fries (G, L) or sweet potato fries (G, L).
  • Cheese meal including cheeseburger, french fries and 0.3 l drink. Lactose free. Also available gluten-free on request.
  • Mega burger meal including a mega-hamburger, French fries and 0.5 l drink.
    • Lactose free. Also available gluten-free.
    • Also available as a chicken and veggie option.
  • Pork cutlet (L, M) or chicken cutlet (L, M).
  • Salty and sweet options from the cold display case. A gluten-free and/or lactose-free option is also available on request.
  • Buffet available during the summer season from 13:00 to 17:00. Price depending on the season and menu: 10-year-olds and adults €12.50-16.80, 4-9-year-olds €10.50-11.50. With a paying adult, 0-3 years old free of charge.
  • Meals are priced between €5.50 and €18.50. Changes to the selection and prices are possible, the up-to-date selection and price list are displayed in the restaurant. Allergens available on request from the staff.


Information for online sales:

Available depending on the season on the online store. First select the desired admission ticket from the online store, then you can choose additional products. Not available in winter season.

  • Megahamburger:
    • salad
    • tomato
    • red onion
    • BBQ mayonnaise (including egg)
    • beef steak
    • ketchup
    • cheddar
    • also available in gluten-free, and with vegetarian and chicken steaks
  • Other info of allergens are available at the site.


Barbecue and kiosks

Other sales points are open during the summer season depending on the weather and the number of customers. The outdoor pool area has a barbecue and an ice cream kiosk. At the beginning of the summer season, some of the points are not yet open.

Ice Café

Serena Ski’s cozy Ice Café serves on the days when the slopes are open. On weekdays, the kitchen closes 30 minutes and on weekends/holiday seasons 1 hour before the ski center closes. During the water park’s opening hours, the water park’s restaurant Granina also serves customers of the ski center. Please note, that depending on the season, Ice Café may be closed but then the nearby water park restaurant is open according to normal Ice Café operating hours. Both cold and hot drinks, food portions, and salty and sweet are available. Examples of Ice Café’s offerings:

  • Normal french fries €3.50 / large €5.50
  • A weekly changing hambuger!
  • Salty or sweet pastries, from €2.00
  • Hot and cold drinks

For more information: [email protected]

Serena Myymälä

Water park shop

In our store you will find swimwear, towels, swim rings, souvenirs, refreshments and much more. The store is located right next to the changing rooms and is open according to the opening hours of the water park. The store also serves as a water park information point and a lost property point. Note! We sell swimwear and towels, but please note in advance that these are not available for rent.

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