Shopping, Services & Nearby Activities

Nearby Services:

Korpilampi Hotel 0,5 km:

Restaurant, A la carte, open: Monday to Saturday 17:00-22:30 closed at Sundays.

Lobby Bar, drinks and snacks open daily from 10 am- 2am.

Shell Lahnus 1,8 km: Gas station, groceries for limited needs, milk, coffee,etc.

Kalajärvi 5 km: grocery store, pizzeria, public health clinic, pharmacy

Klaukkala 10 km:

Big Supermarket Citymarket Klaukkala: groceries, liquor store, clothes, sports gear, electronics.

Pub, nightclub, optician, banks, restaurants, Gym, hardware store, pharmacy, public health clinic, private health clinic located at the town centre.

Leppävaara 18 km:

Sello Shopping Center: groceries, liquor store, clothes, sports gear, movie theater, electronics, pub nightclub, optician, banks, restaurants.

Nearby Activities:

Located on the hill right above the cottages is a lovely hiking path ideal for short strolls and for gathering mushrooms and berries.

A path more preferable for longer walks starts right at the corner of the parking lot. This longer path goes trough a nature reserve and bypasses the Kurkijärvi-pond.

The path is suitable for baby carriages and bicycles. Also suitable for gathering mushrooms and berries.

Fishing: You can find several small lakes and ponds near Serena where you can catch delicious Finnish freshwater fish such as perch, pike,rainbow trout and pikeperch. Licences for lurefishing can be bought at Shell Lahnus. Fishing with a line and a bait (worm, bread etc.) is allowed without a license. Please take into account local fishing regulations and minimum size for the following species of fish. Pike: no mimimum size, Perch: no minimum size, Pikeperch: minimum size 37 cm, Rainbow- and other trouts and salmon: 60cm. Minimum size is measured from the tip of the jaw to the end of the tailfin.


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