Water Park rules

By following the rules, we guarantee a fun water park day for all guests!

Wristbands and admission:

  • The wristband is mandatory in the water park area and must be worn throughout the visit.

Children in the water park are on the responsibility of a guardian:

  • Children without swimming skills and under the age of 10 should be accompanied by an adult supervisor.
  • Children without swimming skills should not be left unattended during a visit to the water park.
  • We recommend a maximum of 3 children under the age of 10 per supervisor.
  • However, there should be one supervisor for each unskilled child.
  • Lifeguards perform pool rescues. However, children without swimming skills are not allowed to be left unattended.

Follow the hygiene instructions in the pool and sauna department:

  • Wash yourself before going to the pool area and saunas.
  • Only swimwear is allowed in the pool area.
  • Use of swimming diapers is mandatory for babies. Available from the shop.
  • Wearing swimwear in the sauna is forbidden.

For your safety, the instructions and rules are:

  • Follow the instructions of lifeguards and other staff.
  • Follow the instructions for slides and pools. No sliding head first and no jumping. By sliding against the rules the visitor takes a calculated risk.
  • Running in the water park is prohibited.

Alcohol and tobacco products:

  • Bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the water park is prohibited.
  • There are designated smoking areas in the area. Outside smoking areas, smoking is prohibited.
  • The use of snus in the pool area is prohibited.

Other rules:

  • Eating your own snacks is only allowed in the designated areas. Bringing glass bottles to the water park is prohibited.
  • We are not responsible for broken swimwear.
  • It is forbidden to bring pets to the water park. Pets can only be brought to the cottages if agreed separately.
  • The key to the locker room is your responsibility. We charge € 20 for the lost key. You can get a new key bracelet from the shop in case of a broken one.

Violation of the rules and orders given by the lifeguards, repeated disregard for required swimming skills, or disruptive behavior will result in removal from the water park. In this case, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

If a thunderstorm approaches, outdoor water park activities may be temporarily shut down. Due to weather, power outages, technical reasons or other exceptional circumstances, other water park activities may also need to be shut down. Purchased tickets and wristbands will not be exchanged or redeemed.

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