Puuharyhmä Lidl Plus discount prices

Exclusive promo for Lidl Plus customers!

A ticket for two parks only €47! Save up to €20 compared to single tickets! These tickets are on sale until June 30, 2024, but all tickets are still valid until the end of the summer season 2024.

How can I use the Lidl Plus benefits?

  • Step 1: Buy a two parks ticket in the online store of the park you have decided to make your 1st visit. You will receive a ticket by email. Click on the picture of the park below to get to the offer product:
Serena logo
  • Step 2: Make your 1st visit on the opening day of your choice to the park for which you bought the ticket through the online store. The ticket is scanned at the park gate. On your 1st visit, you will receive a new ticket, which you can use on any day of your choice to any Puuharyhmä”s park for the 2nd visit.
  • Step 3: Make your visit to the 2nd park and enjoy your second day of fun!

What should be taken into account?

  1. Download your online ticket before your 1st visit. The destination of your 1st visit must be chosen in advance, and it cannot be changed afterwards. For example, when buying a ticket from Serena’s online store, the 1st visit must be to Serena.
  2. You can freely choose the destination of the 2nd visit from our parks, and there is no need to reserve a date in advance.
  3. Please familiarize yourself with the opening hours and conditions of our parks on the parks’ own websites before purchasing: VISULAHTI | PUUHAMAA | TROPICLANDIA | SERENA
  4. Tickets are the same price for adults and children and regardless of the parks you choose to visit. 0-2 year olds can get to Visulahti and Puuhamaha for free, and 0-3 year olds can go to Serena and Tropiclandia for free.
  5. Lidl Plus tickets are on sale until 30.6.2024 and are valid until the end of the summer season 2024. The validity period of tickets cannot be extended.
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