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Slopes and street

Slopes  Street  Webcam



Our center has a total of five ski hills with lights and a children’s hill, all which are maintained daily.

Height difference is 60 meters and lengths between 300-400 meters.

In addition there are two street-hills for snowboarders and new school –skiers.

Two free children’s ski lifts are available for the beginners and youngest family members.



Serena Street has the grounds in condition.

Because of that one can continuously see the top skiers of Finland there. There is plenty to ski for everybody, beginners included.

Street composition is affected naturally by the weather and snow conditions, but our expert ski maintenance personnel performs their utmost best to keep the grounds in top condition in any weather.

The expertise of our maintenance team is one of the most important reasons why Serena Street is considered the best in the Southern Finland

Illustrations from the Street is available at our site at Facebook. Pictures are available for everybody so no Facebook-account is necessary.

In our Facebook-site we aim to communicate when the Street undergoes changes. In Facebook feedback & requests can be sent to the Street’s maintenance.